The Railways of Telford

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Comparison of Details of various maps

Showing differences in the indication and names of stations and junctions.

The maps are:

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The 1956 map, being post-nationalisation, does not show names of the lines.

My name
Name on 1854 Name on 1921 Notes
GWR Severn Valley Railway Severn Valley Railway Severn Valley Railway The 1956 map shows a HALT (unnamed) at Jackfield. All stations unnamed except Buildwas Junction Sta. on all three.
L&NWR Coalport to Hadley Coalport Branch Railway L&NWR No differences
GWR Buildwas Junction to Madeley Junction Madeley Branch (not shown south of Lightmoor Jct GWR 1854 map does not show Buildwas Jct to Lightmoor Jct. All three name Buildwas Junction Station. 1956 shows a HALT at Cherry Tree Hill - the others nothing. It also shows Lightmoor Station as a HALT. Madeley Court Station is only named on 1854. The name of Madeley Junction is from a modern map.
L&NWR & GWR Joint Madeley Jct to Wellington Shrewsbury and Birmingham Shrewsbury and Birmingham The only variations are the HALT at New Hadley on the 1956 map, and the addition of Admaston Station after 1854.
GWR Lightmoor Jct to Ketley Jct Severn Junction Railway GWR 1956 shows two more stations than the others - HALTs at Doseley and Newdale.
L&NWR Shropshire Union Line Shropshire Union Railway Shropshire Union line 1854 shows only Hadley Station - Trench and Donnington came later.
Wellington and Market Drayton Railway Not shown Wellington and Market Drayton Not on 1854 map - built later.

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