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Trench to Wombridge

I have not been able to find any traces of the short arm which ran north from the top of Trench Inclined Plane before curving round over the stream which runs down towards Middle Pool and returning south to a point west of Wombridge Church, except, perhaps, that at the top of a hillock at the top of Capewell Road there is a fascinating Trench. I longed to make it part of the canal, but even before a local person told me it was, I knew it couldn't be - too high up. (Not that I invariably disbelieve local information, you understand!) But it just might indicate the line of the tunnel there was on this stretch - if it has collapsed and fallen in.

There are difficulties, too, with the levels. I find great difficulty in reconciling the canal shown on the maps with the levels on the ground, for it is hard to make out how the line from Teagues Bridge could possibly have reached Wombridge on one level, as it is supposed to have done (and is shown as doing, on several maps). Anyone got an early map of this bit, at a decently large scale?

My best guess is as follows: the canal ran south-east along the side of where Queensway runs now, as shown on a 25" map of 1910. At that date, this branch ended at the works this side of the stream. Formerly, however, it turned south-west about at the end of Laburnam Avenue and crossed the open ground towards Haywards Parade. The flat ground between is the remains of a mediaevil village pond (or did it belong to Wombridge Priory?), and the canal presumably skirted round the top of it. Haywards Parade is at a higher level than the pond, so ground to the north must have been cut away since the canal ceased to exist.

Guessing: The canal crossed Haywards Parade between the arms of Corfield Crescent and ran parallel to Priory Road to the north-west. It emerged onto Wombridge Road by the one Victorian house there (the original Vicarage), crossed it and ended almost at once - again, for it to have crossed Wombridge Road as shown on the maps the ground to the north must have been excavated since. Wombridge Road ended at the canal: the rest of it, right down to Trench Road in sections cut apart by Queensway and Wrockwardine Wood Way, are newer.

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